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Queen Of All Trades

Social Media Marketing Done Right

I connect people.

Connecting clients to their target audience through social media, connecting engaged readers to content they care about, and connecting people to friends over a cup of coffee. Stories have brought people together for hundreds of years, over campfires, at taverns, and today through a curated online presence. Let me help you tell the story of your business and connect with the communities that need you.

Kaya Lindsay

Kaya Lindsay


Let me guide you through a successful social media marketing campaign. I specialize in Instagram marketing but have strong skills in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well.

I can help you improve your social media profiles, increase your click-through rates, gain followers, identify key hashtags, and increase your brand awareness in just a few sessions. Send me an email and we can get started!

Queen of All Trades Clients

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Kaya is just amazing! She just get’s stuff done and makes things happen. Super focused on the small details but at the same time always has the big picture in mind.
Marketing, social media, logistics, planning, Kaya does it all!

Matthew Swinnerton

CEO, Event Santa Cruz