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Who is Kaya?

Who is Kaya?

I tell the intricate stories of your business through online marketing. This can take many forms, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I am an advocate for your business when it is too hard to be one for yourself.

I came to the online marketing business after working with NextSpace Santa Cruz and seeing how community can bring businesses alive. I honed my skills in advertising with on-the-ground experience, and I made leaps and bounds in my industry through the support of my peers and mentors. I bring this small business attitude and community mindedness to all of my clients so that we can create a social presence that both represents the heart of your business, and appeals to your target audience.

Kaya Lindsay not only provides professional, reliable, and insightful social media support for both large and small businesses, but she does so with enthusiasm, creativity, and a knack for knowing the best way to achieve the goals that are most important to you. If only all businesses were this good at exceeding customer expectations!

John Burley

Author, John Burley Books